Storm Watch

Hail?!  So much for the temperate Mediterranean climate!  It has been wildly stormy since Friday, with thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and even hail that covers the ground and remains in clumps for hours afterwards.  Terri and I try to get out in between the downpours, but we still get caught in a hailstorm in the morning.  That hurts!  Poor doggy is soggy and shivering when we get home.  I pop her in the tub and hose her down with warm water, both to warm her up and to get rid of the mud.


hailcloseupYup, honest-to-goodness hail.  That’s Terri’s brush that got left out on the balcony.  Here’s a closeup of the hail. Terri is fascinated and wants to go out on the balcony to sniff it, but then is shocked at the cold, wet sensation.  I make her wear her red hoodie for most of the day.

The worst part is that we are springing leaks all over.  I have several dripping spots in the ceiling (clearly, the building roof is saturated and things are looking bad).  Water damage under one window… Why do these things always happen on Shabbat (or erev hag)? Well, even if it was the middle of the week, there is way that anything can be done until the rain stops and the roof dries out. Who knows how long that will be. It is going to be a very nervous night! I have book cases emptied and covered in plastic, and will keep my fingers crossed.



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