Angels and Demons

What’s naughty and nice?  Terri spends Thursday being an angel.  She is on her best behavior when a friend of mine visits.  But the next morning, she turns into Naughty Dog, chasing a cat, eating chicken bones out of a garbage bin in the park, trotting off and ignoring me when I call, tormenting goats, and generally being a big pain in the butt.  Saturday morning she is back to being Angel Dog, allowing many small children to pat, hug, and otherwise get their grubby little hands on her.  She licks a baby, endurs having her ears pulled, and is extremely sweet and patient.  But then she goes and rolls in goat poo and I have to shampoo her again.  Sigh!

Once home, she has a big meal and shluffs out for the afternoon.  I always thought that dogs curled up when they slept.  Hmmm.




Rockin’ with Rita: I treat myself to a concert—Rita at Karmiel’s hichal hatarbut. Lots of old farts like me in the audience, and it turns out to be the first pop concert that I’ve been able to sit through in years (i.e., people sedately stayed in their seats, rather than standing). Not the best concert I’ve ever heard, but quite nice, and she is a real doll.  It is nice to see that there is Life After Rami.


5 responses to “Angels and Demons

  1. tee hee. Someone forgot to proofread her title…..

  2. Laura Mercaz, it depends on how you look at it 😉

  3. Well, she *is* kind of bony and angular…

  4. Wish I was…………..

  5. OK, Ifixed it. Ya happy now? Huh? Huh? Well, are ya?

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