A Confusing Morning

Election results: Who knows?  With 99% of the ballots counted, the results are still foggy.  Livni’s Kadima has 28 seats; Bibi’s Likud has 27.  Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu, as predicted, is a big winner with 15 seats.  Of the 33 parties in the election, only 11 got enough votes to make it in.  Even HaGimla’im (the pensioners’ party), a huge victor in the past, didn’t make the cutoff.  Grand old Avoda (Labor) is down to a record low 13 seats.  Point is, neither Likud nor Kadima will have an easy time cobbling together a coalition.  If Bibi tries to do something with Lieberman, he will lose all the religious parties (or at least Shas).  Never dull here. See all the results here.  (You can play with the chart and see how different regions and sectors of the population voted.)

All I can say is that the wild stormy weather yesterday and last night (thunder, lightning, torrential rain, gusting winds, and even hail at one point) was very appropriate for the confusing storm that we face now.


One response to “A Confusing Morning

  1. There is definitely something to be said about diversity, though. It inspires dialogue. Looking from the other side of the pasture’s fence, I wish the U.S. political system was a bit more diverse. Of course, there are a miriad of parties other than the Republicans or Democrats, but they don’t have a chance in Hell of having any impact. At least in your system, there is bound to be someone in your government who is somewhat closely aligned to your own beliefs.

    Hope you are doing well, dear one.

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