Election Day

Storm clouds:  The long-predicted storm moved in with thunder, lightning, and driving rain.  As usual, Terri and I get caught just minutes into our walk, so we trot home quickly.  The polls are open until 22:00 tonight to allow everyone to vote.  Whatever the outcome is, I hope that voter turnout is high.  Some are saying that it is going to be a race to the wire between Likud and Kadima, but Yisra’el Beiteinu could throw a major spanner in the works.  Labor is predicted to take so few votes that it will be a minor player in a left coalition.  Here are the last-minute hghlights:

  • Lieberman has pissed-off the religious parties (Rabbi Ovadia Yosef says that a vote for Lieberman is a vote for the devil, which is really silly, because a vote for Lieberman is a vote for the love child of George Wallace and Stalin).
  • Bibi gave an interview in Russian (via translators) to try to woo some of the Russian vote away from Lieberman.
  • Lieberman announced that he will not go into a coalition with Kadima, which might give Livni and Kadima more votes!
  • Barak announced that if he is not elected prime minister (duh!), he won’t accept the position of Minister of Defense unless Labor gets at least 20 seats.  (Looks like Barak is going to have a lot of time on his hands.)
  • We have an all-time high record number of parties (33, if I am not mistaken) running.  Many will not get the required two-seat minimum, so those votes will end up being flushed down the toilet.
  • The polls are all very uncertain because there is also a record number of undecided (as much as 20%).  This is because many of us are thinking strategy.  For example, someone who might normally vote Labor may cast a vote for Kadima as a more realistic way to block Likud.  It is very confusing. 

I’m sorry to say that the Dog Party will probably not do well, as many dogs hate the rain and will stay home.


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