Vote Dog!

Introducing the Dog Party: Let’s get some canines in the Knesset!  Here’s our platform:

  • We will share our toys, water dish, and kibble if you are nice.
  • We will try our best not to hog the treats (but sometimes we gobble them very quickly).
  • If we poop on the sidewalk, we will clean it up.
  • We start by wagging our tails and sniffing.  If you want to play, great.  But if you try to bite us, we will try to bite you right back.
  • We will investigate anything that moves or makes noise, thus keeping the country safe from that naughty kipod in the park, the cats that hang out by the pach, and the pigeons.
  • We stand for shorter work days, longer shluff breaks, and squeeky toys.
  • We believe that there is room for everyone, no matter how big or small, no matter what color, no matter if short-haired or long.  Even little hairless yippy things wearing outfits are OK, as long as they play nicely.
  • We believe in religious pluralism, but refuse to worship cats.
  • We will open more free spay and neuter clinics and provide pet subsidies as part of the sal.
  • We will never form a coalition with any party that believes that dogs are dirty or evil.
  • We will provide tax incentives to cafes, hotels, and shops that welcome dogs. 

Here are the first two party members:



2 responses to “Vote Dog!

  1. I LOVE this picture!!! Nothing more wonderful than a girl and her dog!

  2. It’s a very interesting platform – but the refusal to worship cats is a bit disturbing. We’ll have to think about it ;-). Love the tongue btw.

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