Soggy Doggy

Rain, rain: Yes, we need it. Yes, every drop is precious.  But when it is pissing down like that, turning the street into a river, and you have to take your dog out, it can be a challenge.  Especially when said dog hates the rain, locks her legs, and refuses to budge.  And refuses to do her business, I might add.  You end up having to carryher home in the rain, looking like a right proper fool (that’s you, not the dog).  And then there is the lovely aroma, Eau de Damp Dog, which lingers in the apartment. 

But we finally get enough of a break to manage a few walks.  On Shabbat morning, Terri links up with Archie and Snoopy and has a great time.  Later, we meet Dash and that little Jack Russel (name unknown).   Archie appropriates Terri’s new ball, which happens to be a squeeze toy.  Takes a fair amount of pressure to get it to squeak, so Terri never even knew that it could make noise.  Archie, a massive German shepherd, chomps on the ball and looks quite startled when it squeaks. 

New day, same crap:  This old political cartoon was first published in Switzerland in 1956.  Seems like nothing has changed.


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