What Winter?

Spring has sprung: It is a mild, beautiful spring day but it is hard to enjoy it knowing that this is the driest January on record and we desperately need the rain.  Terri doesn’t understand climate change and environmental crises, though, so she frisks along happily, eating the tender green shoots and ogling the birds.  A herd of goats pass by, and Terri practically swoons with pleasure at their smell.  The goatherd is talking to them the way I talk to Terri (albeit in Arabic); he seems to be chatting pleasantly with them. They make these delightful blatting sounds, plus you can hear them munching from 20 meters.  Sometimes the goats are “parked” outside my apartment in the empty lot right next to the parking lot.  The sound of them grazing and blatting is lovely. 

Drope what you’re doing!  Hat tip to Central LS.


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