This ‘n That

FBI discloses new suspects:  Who was responsible for causing the plane to crash into the Hudson river?  Hat tip and naughty sniggers to Central LS.


“Dash” from Dash: I’ve been on the edge of being sick for the past few weeks.  Terri has done her best to keep me healthy.  (She believes that generous applications of dog slobber can cure anything.)  But I feel worse.  Blech.  But Terri lets me sleep in very, very late this morning (thanks, Miss Doggy!), so it is late morning when we head out on our first walk of the day.  The sun is shining through a layer of mist; the wadi is green and fresh; the birds are singing; the shefan selah are sunning themselves on rocks.  We sit for a while on a large boulder and gaze out at the green hills.  Suddenly, I see what appears to be a black bear plodding slowly towards us. It’s Dash, one of Terri’s doggy friends.  Dash’s human insists that Dash is a purebred black Lab, but I think there is something else in the mix, like pony or moose.  Dash carries his massive bulk ponderously, lumbering along while  Terri joyfully runs circles around him.  When we stop for a bit, Terri settles down and happily gnaws on Dash’s ear.  She turns and grins at me, as if to say, “Life is good!”


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