Gear up, guys:  Milu’imnikim (reserve duty) forces gear up to hit the ground in Gaza.  Crap.  I worry about each and every one of them.  I was pleased to hear Livni this morning saying that the “suits” aren’t going to solve this, because that is so true.  Look at it this way:

  • They’ve spent eight years lobbing missiles at us.  We have tried every single diplomatic solution possible, and nothing has even come close to working.
  • One day into this war and they are screaming to the world.  It is now day 16, and yes, it sucks, but we have been getting dumped on for eight years and the world hasn’t seemed to give a crap.
  • Despite what Lisa Goldman (whose blog I like, BTW) says, I think that the Israeli media has been spending a lot of time talking about what is going on there, interviewing people in Gaza, worrying about the kids, the infrastructure, etc. 
  • While there are always knuckleheads on both sides (and ultra-right loonies are like soccer fans, cruising for a brawl), for the most part the media has been extremely civil and sane.  There is no saber rattling, no attempt to turn the enemy into faceless monsters.  In their media, we are pigs, beasts, monsters.  Here, I hear the horror of the situation.  There is the widespreadfeeling that we have been pushed against the wall.  We have to protect our citizens.  We are trying to minimize civilian casualties.  We are sorry.  We have no choice.  We cannot continue like this, and unless Hamas learns that they can’t fire rockets at us with impunity, nothing will change.
  • This is not some war fought far away, disconnected from us and our survival.  Our soldiers are taking out missiles aimed at S’derot, Ashkelon, Be’ersheva.  Their families are sitting in bomb shelters. 

Anyhow, in my mind the world doesn’t really care about the plight of the Palestinian; their Arab brethren could have solved the problem in a year by investing in infrastucture, industry, education, rather than terror camps and weapons.  Yes, that’s a Grad and yes, I’m mad.

Loose lips sink ships: The modern version is the public service announcements on the radio warning people not to give details of missile strikes (helps the enemy improve their aim) or soldiers to give details of operations.  Hard to obey, because the instinct is to call a loved one when you hear the boom and make sure it wasn’t their house that was hit.

Dognapped!  Terri’s doggy daycare lady lets Terri and Pinchy hang out in the sun (tied up on long leads), and several neighborhood kids decide that these must be “abandoned” dogs.  They actually took Terri home with them, but their mom recognized her and they brought her back.  Terri probably loved every minute of is.  She is naughty but adorable.


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