Muffin’s Mom

A break from the tension: Muffin’s mom comes up to Karmiel Friday midday and stays for the weekend.  We eat a lot, walk a lot (with Terri), gab a lot.  Head up to the Open Museum at Tefen and stroll through the wintery sunshine, admiring the strange sculptures.  It is a nice break from the war conflict operation, though the hourly news reports are hard to miss.  Meanwhile, mishmar hagvul are lined up by Dier el Assad and Madj el Krum in full riot gear, as some of those residents forget their nationality and start stoning passing cars.  In Sachnin, a huge demonstration pulls in thousands of participants, including Israeli Arabs from all over the country and a few MKs.  (Can you imagine a Jewish minority in an Arab country holding a demonstration like that?!)  Another big demonstration was going on in Tel Aviv on Ibn Gvirol, just blocks from our training center. 

arik_einsteinI was wondering if this current conflict had pushed the Idan Raichel Project’s Arabic song (what I call the “yo mamma” song) off the airwaves (does anyone have an MP3 of that, BTW?), because I hadn’t heard it for a week or so. Perhaps while Ashdod, Ashkelon, S’derot, Be’ersheva, and the rest of the south are getting pounded by Hamas rockets, people may have been less eager to hear a song in Arabic, no matter how charming.  However, I suddenly I hear it again.  Meanwhile, today Galgalatz is honoring Arik Einstein’s 70th birthday with a glut of his songs. OK, I admit it, but I still stop and listen whenever they pull out the oldies like atur mitzheh zahav shahor.  That voice.  And wasn’t ani v’atah our anthem from the 60s?  And ladies, face it—1960s Arik was one sexy dude.  Looks like crap now, but the voice is still amazing.  When he sang pitom nefal aleiha after Rabin’s assassination, I saw grown men cry. Anyhow, happy birthday, Arik.  Todah l’musikah, grazia per la musica, thanks for the music.  I can’t imagine Israel without your music.

Dogs are gross: Terri, after behaving like an angel for company, trots off happily on her afternoon walk and samples some donkey poo.  Erg!  You’re definitely not licking my face today, dog!  Meanwhile, Nadine emerges from under the puch and eats a microscopic portion of food.  How long can a cat live on air and water?


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