Name That War

Well, here we go again: Yesterday we launch air strikes into Gaza.  Even hard-core doves like Peres understand the need for self-defense.  There has been a huge increase in Qassam and Grad rockets fired from Gaza into Israel.  Nothing we have done (diplomacy, negotiations, closing the border crossings, etc.) has done any good.  What does Hamas think they have to gain?  We pulled out of Gaza and they increased the attacks on us!  So what is our motivation to now stop before getting the job done?

So we are doing a call-up of milu’imnikim and will probably have to follow up the air strikes with a ground offensive.  Crap, crap, crap.  It is horrible situation but it was impossible to sit there and allow Hamas to keep pounding us with rockets!

Not a great way to start 2009…


One response to “Name That War

  1. Leah,
    Our prayers are with you. As an outsider, I will probably never truly understand the politics of your country and those around you. Nonetheless, I care about you and know that I worry about you. I extrapolate that to all who are involved in war and killing and who are touched by its horror. My prayers continue for peace…

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