Even Geeks Get the Blues

Menus from hell:  Can’t receive faxes. Can send.  Spent an hour trying to troubleshoot. Turns out that buried deep in a multi-nested menu system is a setting that blocks faxes where caller ID isn’t showing.  Sigh.  Since most companies in Israel use switchboards that block caller ID, this is not a smart default!  Still, this is what we call a cockpit error (i.e., the pilot’s fault, not the plane’s).  Color me stupid.

Nadine fresses on treif: Yes, it is that pork-flavored medical food from the vet that she seems to like.  Warm, mind you.  Girl is now eating a few tiny portions a day and seems to be OK.  I no longer risk cutting my hand on her backbones while patting her!   She scores a heat-able gel pack (microwavable heating pad) for Hanukkah, while Terri gets a fleece-lined raincoat (which she tried out yesterday in the rain).

hanukkah50Happy Hanukkah!  I eat my annual soufgania and feel ill.  Why do I do this every year?  It is a horrible compulsion.  The greasy, sugary mess always sits in my stomach like a rock, yet the next year I feel compelled to do the same thing again.  It is said that we celebrate the miracle of the small jar of oil that lasted for eight days by eating deep-fried food that sits in our guts for eight days…  But if anyone wants to share a healthy recipe for latkes (there are baked versions instead of fried), be my guest.


3 responses to “Even Geeks Get the Blues

  1. No! No! No! This is NOT user error. This is BAD DESIGN. This is not sensible default behavior.

    Wouldn’t it be better to accept faxes without Caller ID by default, but warn the user and offer to block them in future? That’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure there are many other solutions that would be better than this idiotic default behavior.

    So it’s not YOU — it’s THEM.

  2. Personally, I could care about the computer stuff. Computers are fine to sit on (they’re nice and warm, and sitting on Jamie’s gives me a nice view out the window). But I’m glad Nadine is hanging in there. Tell her mouse-flavored food is cool, too. Also cockroach.

    Latkes? Yech.

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