Testosterone Kills

Don’t blame the roads: I’m sick of people blaming accidents on road conditions. This week’s lethal tragedy just north of Eilat was totally unnecessary.  Bad roads?  No way.  It was the insane ego of the driver who had to pass another bus, around a curve, after a pissing contest to see who would go first through a road block.  Senseless.  Does testosterone really make men stupid?  I’m not sure, but the evidence certainly suggests it.  So 25 Russian tourists are dead and another 30 in the hospital (some truly fighting for their lives) because some asshole bus driver couldn’t ease up on the gas and let someone else be in front. 

Clumping: I always know that a training session is successful when the participants all cluster around at the end to chat, ask more questions, or just say thank-you.  So it was at Rambam this week, marking the end of a two-month training program in medical writing.  I really enjoyed and am looking forward to more work there (though I must admit that I felt a bit queasy reading some of those research papers). 

Terri meets Terri: Terri and I drive over to the old ‘hood for our afternoon walk.  We run into an extremely dignified old Airedale named Terri.  Pretty funny…


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