A Vice-grip on Life

She’s still here: Nadine settles into a new pattern. Sleep, walk around and complain, drink water out of the bathtub, eat almost nothing.  We still don’t understand why she is alive, but she seems determined to outlive us all. She has now lost almost 2/3 of her original body weight, yet continues to boss Terri around and make demands.

Humor for the thoughtful: There is so much low-brow crap out there that it is a real pleasure to see Jon Stewart’s mixture of articulate thought and irreverent humor.  If you’re not already a fan, check out this episode, where he conducts a very interesting interview with Huckabee.

Busting the myth: Here’s Lisa Goldman (aka On the Face) on the supposed Israeli support for McCain. FYI, this matches with my own impressions.


One response to “A Vice-grip on Life

  1. Thanks for the link to the Lisa Goldman article – I’m elated to have that myth about Israelis having overwhelmingly supporting McCain blown to smithereens! My faith in the common sense of the average Israeli has been restored.

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