Fast Commute

Where is everybody?  I can’t believe how light the traffic is on my way to Yokneam this morning. Then one of the DJs mentions something about it being hag hakorban. Ahhh. All the Muslim and Druze residents are on vacation.

Still got a kitty: Miss Thing is still stompin’ around.  But she is soooo tiny!  I always thought that I had a big fat cat, but she is actually very petite.  Right now, she feels like skin and bones to me.  She must have lost 50% of her body weight, easily.  She’s turning her nose up at the fancy cat food I brought home…

One response to “Fast Commute

  1. Seeing as these empty roads fall on Likud election day, I’m surprised Moshe Feiglin isn’t out there with signs saying, “Traffic can be like this EVERY day if only we…”

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