Living off the Fat of the Land

Hefty is healthy:  After all the years that people have been giving me a hard time about Nadine’s obesity, now it is our turn to laugh.  Any normal cat would have starved to death by now, but Miss Thing (formerly The Blob) is happily living off the fat of the… well, fat.  She is now Skinny Minny, but she is still doing her thing.  Tonight, she glares at dinner guests, then stomps around the house as soon as they leave.  She sits on the dining room table and complains while I do the dishes.  And this from the cat we thought was 3/4 dead on Sunday!

Meanwhile, Terri continues to be pathologically cute.  Everyone makes a fuss over her.  “What an adorable doggy!”  “Just like a fuzzy little toy!”  “Oh, she’s so sweet!”  “Such a punim!”  Of course, they’ve never seen her eat cat poop.


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