My Girls

Miss Thing rallies:  I get home from a looonnnnggggg day on site with a client to find Nadine waiting for me at the door.  She strolls around a bit, eats about 1/2 tsp of tuna, drinks some water, and goes back to bed.  Her litter box has clearly been used.  All good.  Considering that I was bracing myself for the possibility of finding an ex-cat on my bed, seeing my feisty little girl march around and complain is thrilling.

I dash off to pick up Terri from doggy daycare.  We have a nice walk (it is pitch dark by now, so she barks frantically at every imagined monster), I give her dinner, and then a much-needed bath.  You cannot believe the amount of mud, dirt, and vegetation that go swirling down the drain.  Fact is, her wiry hair acts like a dust mop and collects all sorts of crud.  Terri, never fond of baths, stands there stoically.  Finally, it is over, and I have a clean and minty-fresh (albeit damp) dog.  Makes it much nicer when she crawls into bed with me.

In fact, I spend the night with both girls snuggled close.  Nadine is under the covers on one side, Terri on top on the other.  Nadine, while still alert, clearly doesn’t have the energy to hiss at Terri, so she simply ignores her.  We all make it through the night without any squabbling over who gets the pillow…

Only in Israel: In other places, loony proselytizers rant on street corners or ring doorbells.  Here, they put CDs on your car.  And don’t waste your breath telling me that Rav David Koren isn’t a proselytizer.  IMO, anyone who pushes religious stuff onto people who don’t ask for it is proselytizing.  Nikuda.



3 responses to “My Girls

  1. I’m glad to hear good news about Nadine. I hope it’s all up from here.

    And yeah, I got one of those CDs a few weeks ago and I consider it proselytizing, too.

  2. Nice to read the latest update on Nadine. Clearly she still has stuff to do here – let’s hope for a good long time.

    Re the CD – I’ve never had that done to me before. What nerve.

  3. Hooligan_Squirrel

    Great news! Hopefully, she’ll overcome it.

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