Hi-Tech Economy

I know that things are bad, but…:  Talk about low-balling a price quote!  Hat tip to Central LS.



Nadine watch:  We have a long talk last night.  I ask Nadine if she remembers Rudy.  She purrs and blinks.  We’ve stopped fighting the inevitable and are going to let her ease on out in her own sweet time.  No more drugs, shots, infusions, pills, tipulim, or drastic measures.  For now, she is comfortable and not in any distress.  when she’s ready, she’ll let go, and she’ll be reunited with Rudy.  I would like to think that they will both be in their prime, plump and sleek and best of friends.  She’s been with me for 15.5 years, which makes her about 79 in human years.  A good long life, but it never seems like enough.


One response to “Hi-Tech Economy

  1. Sending light and love…and wishing you peace.



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