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Fashion Dog

Don’t call the animal protection groups: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—what’s the point of having a dog if you can’t dress it up in embarrassing outfits? Here is Terri sporting her brand new fleece hoodie.

Answering the Critics

Reading the scorecard: Yigal Walt takes on the stupid international condemnation about this operation.

Warped Logic

Grads falling on Be’ersheva: Two Grad-class rockets (the mid-range ketushas that were used on us in the north during the the Second Lebanon War) hit Be’ersheva this morning.  Hamas uses the bizarre logic of saying that these are in retaliation for Israeli air strikes.  Uh, what?!  The air strikes were to take out rocket launchers that had been pummeling Israeli communities for months and months!  We’re through the looking glass now, kids.

Israeli math: Thank goodness for Kamah Kessef, the website that helps you calculate how much you are supposed to give at an Israeli wedding.  With the son of a first cousin getting married in a few weeks, I need to figure it out.  Hmmm.  That much? Oi.  And me without two skekels to rub together. 

Nadine update: Damn cat has gone from being lusciously fat to a sack of bones.  I now have an anorexic cat.  She seems totally disinterested in food, though if I heat up something and put it right in front of her, she’ll lick a bit.  She ate about 1/2 tsp of expensive Italian cat food this morning (chicken and pasta, I think).  Terri hovers nearby, almost shaking with excitement. She knows that she automatically gets to finish off whatever Nadine rejects.

Name That War

Well, here we go again: Yesterday we launch air strikes into Gaza.  Even hard-core doves like Peres understand the need for self-defense.  There has been a huge increase in Qassam and Grad rockets fired from Gaza into Israel.  Nothing we have done (diplomacy, negotiations, closing the border crossings, etc.) has done any good.  What does Hamas think they have to gain?  We pulled out of Gaza and they increased the attacks on us!  So what is our motivation to now stop before getting the job done?

So we are doing a call-up of milu’imnikim and will probably have to follow up the air strikes with a ground offensive.  Crap, crap, crap.  It is horrible situation but it was impossible to sit there and allow Hamas to keep pounding us with rockets!

Not a great way to start 2009…

Holiday Games

Leave it to the Japanese: Try this with your pet.

Gelt for the easily confused: The little sack of chocolate Hanukkah gelt that I pick up in the local supermarket is designed for people who get confused about their holidays.  Each piece is embossed with lo l’pesach (in Hebrew, of course).

More pastrama, please: Nadine’s abba gives her a piece of pastrama (fake pastrami made with turkey).  She eats some with a fair amount of enthusiasm.  Terri, on the other hand, goes completely nuts and swallows her piece while dancing on her hind legs.  Too bad I didn’t have the camera out…

Even Geeks Get the Blues

Menus from hell:  Can’t receive faxes. Can send.  Spent an hour trying to troubleshoot. Turns out that buried deep in a multi-nested menu system is a setting that blocks faxes where caller ID isn’t showing.  Sigh.  Since most companies in Israel use switchboards that block caller ID, this is not a smart default!  Still, this is what we call a cockpit error (i.e., the pilot’s fault, not the plane’s).  Color me stupid.

Nadine fresses on treif: Yes, it is that pork-flavored medical food from the vet that she seems to like.  Warm, mind you.  Girl is now eating a few tiny portions a day and seems to be OK.  I no longer risk cutting my hand on her backbones while patting her!   She scores a heat-able gel pack (microwavable heating pad) for Hanukkah, while Terri gets a fleece-lined raincoat (which she tried out yesterday in the rain).

hanukkah50Happy Hanukkah!  I eat my annual soufgania and feel ill.  Why do I do this every year?  It is a horrible compulsion.  The greasy, sugary mess always sits in my stomach like a rock, yet the next year I feel compelled to do the same thing again.  It is said that we celebrate the miracle of the small jar of oil that lasted for eight days by eating deep-fried food that sits in our guts for eight days…  But if anyone wants to share a healthy recipe for latkes (there are baked versions instead of fried), be my guest.

Driving to TA

No trains!  They are working on the system (which I wouldn’t have known about if I hadn’t received a call from GS, mucho gracias).  So I am forced to make this long, nasty drive, 130 km, mostly on bad roads with insane drivers.  I actually saw a guy backing up on the highway.  No lie.  Tailgating is de rigour, as is speeding, passing on curves, flashing high beams, and generally acting like a deranged maniac.  While it takes me about an hour and forty minutes to get here on an early Friday AM, it can take up to two-and-a-half hours to get home.  Urg!

Testosterone Kills

Don’t blame the roads: I’m sick of people blaming accidents on road conditions. This week’s lethal tragedy just north of Eilat was totally unnecessary.  Bad roads?  No way.  It was the insane ego of the driver who had to pass another bus, around a curve, after a pissing contest to see who would go first through a road block.  Senseless.  Does testosterone really make men stupid?  I’m not sure, but the evidence certainly suggests it.  So 25 Russian tourists are dead and another 30 in the hospital (some truly fighting for their lives) because some asshole bus driver couldn’t ease up on the gas and let someone else be in front. 

Clumping: I always know that a training session is successful when the participants all cluster around at the end to chat, ask more questions, or just say thank-you.  So it was at Rambam this week, marking the end of a two-month training program in medical writing.  I really enjoyed and am looking forward to more work there (though I must admit that I felt a bit queasy reading some of those research papers). 

Terri meets Terri: Terri and I drive over to the old ‘hood for our afternoon walk.  We run into an extremely dignified old Airedale named Terri.  Pretty funny…

A Vice-grip on Life

She’s still here: Nadine settles into a new pattern. Sleep, walk around and complain, drink water out of the bathtub, eat almost nothing.  We still don’t understand why she is alive, but she seems determined to outlive us all. She has now lost almost 2/3 of her original body weight, yet continues to boss Terri around and make demands.

Humor for the thoughtful: There is so much low-brow crap out there that it is a real pleasure to see Jon Stewart’s mixture of articulate thought and irreverent humor.  If you’re not already a fan, check out this episode, where he conducts a very interesting interview with Huckabee.

Busting the myth: Here’s Lisa Goldman (aka On the Face) on the supposed Israeli support for McCain. FYI, this matches with my own impressions.

It Only Hurts When I Laugh

We’ve all wanted to do this:  Revenge on the telemarketerHat tip to SG.

Pick your paper: Front page of Yisrael Hayom (Israel Today) today features the huge upset in the Likud primaries; front page of Esrim v’arba Dakot (24 Minutes) features the finalists of Big Brother. Now that’s breaking news!

Does Barney violate the Geneva Convention?  Yeah, I thinkHat tip to Northern LS.