Nadine Watch, part 7

Nadine gets a reprieve:  I’m pretty sure that this is the end.  My poor dumpling is a pile of emaciated skin and bones.  She won’t eat or drink and doesn’t even seem able to sleep.  I tearfully make the final shlepp to the vet’s (accompanied by Nadine’s abba, who is as tearful as I am).  But Dr. Ofer thinks that she is in a more stable condition.  He gives her IV fluids and a shot and sends us home.  During the IV tipul, the needle slips out and saline starts spurting all over.  Dr. Ofer gets the needle back in, but now the fluid is seeping out through the first hole.  For all intents and purposes, it looks as though my cat has sprung a leak.

The fluids seem to perk her up, though, and she complains all the way home, and then even manages to eat a mouthful of tuna.  Obviously, I hope that she can pull through and have a few more good years with us.  If not, we’ll have to make that gut-wrenching decision.


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