Nadine Watch, part 6

I’m a pusher:  How have I come to this?  I’m not only supplying drugs, I’m actually injecting them.  Miss Thing now gets three shots twice a day.  And I’m the one who cringes when they show a needle on CSI…

One of her meds is a diuretic to help flush the fluid from her lungs.  Makes the poor dear pee like a race horse.  Unfortunately, clumping litter cannot cope with the volume of liquid.  Her litter box turns into a muddy swamp of slimy sludge (which she then tracks all over the apartment).  Sigh!  The things we do for our four-legged kids!

One response to “Nadine Watch, part 6

  1. …. again, wow!

    And boy, you’ve got that right; there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my four-legged guys either (and some people thought I was nuts to bring them out with me to the UK…sheesh!).

    Leah, you and Nadine are fighters and I can’t stress this enough: we’re all routing for you both!

    Marcie x

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