Nadine Watch, Part 4

A sudden collapse: Nadine is pretty quiet yesterday, but this morning she is clearly in major distress.  She can barely get up, is again gasping for breath, and ends up lying awkwardly on the kitchen floor.  I rush her back to the vet, who sedates her and then manages to draw off over 200 cc of fluid from her lungs and chest cavity.  More x-rays, more stuff to be sent to the lab, more antibiotics.  Poor baby is home now and breathing better.  I’ve now spent over NIS 1300 in one week on tipulim for Miss Thing.  We’ll be living off of beans and rice for a month, but it will be worth it if we can save my dumpling.  Keep those good thoughts headed her way…


2 responses to “Nadine Watch, Part 4

  1. Nadine’s got my constant good thoughts coming her way… and so do you…


  2. Nadine and Leah – we’re all pulling for you….

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