Nadine Watch, Part 3

She lives!  Nadine has rallied a bit and seems to be getting back some of her usual attitude.  She greets me at the door with a long list of complaints, and demands snacks.  Just seeing her up and around is heartening.  She is still woefully thin, but it seems as though the antibiotics are working.  She is not gasping for breath and is much perkier.  Let’s hope it continues this way.

No matter how many times I’ve seen it, I am always amazed at how quickly animals can sicken and waste away, and also how quickly they can bounce back.  Let’s hope that Nadine continues to improve.  There is some mileage left in the old girl, after all.

Quiet doggy:  I pick Terri up from doggy daycare.  As usual, she is one happy dog.  She has spent the day playing with her friend Pinchie, snacking, and playing some more.  When we get home, she just wants to nap!  She understands that Nadine is not feeling well, and shows even more deference than usual to Miss Thing, who (despite her weakened state) has no trouble shouldering Terri aside to get at some choice treats.

One response to “Nadine Watch, Part 3

  1. Glad to hear of Nadine’s progress, Leah.
    Best, Marcie

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