Nadine Watch, Part 2

Where’s my damn tuna?  The Girl makes it through another night.  This morning, she walks around a bit, drinks, eats, and complains.  I manage to get another dose of antibiotic syrup down her.  She complains, but then washes her face (another sign of improvement).  Very happy to see some of these signs of life!  A few days ago, I thought she was about to die.

Terri is home and tiptoeing around Nadine.  Nadine is basically ignoring her, pretended that there Is No Dog. She knows that I will drop whatever I am doing and cater to her every whim, including warming a teaspoon of tuna, or giving her a dollop of white cheese.  She still isn’t eating much, so Terri usually ends up scarfing down whatever is left when Nadine walks off.  Still, it is a huge step forward.  Keep your collective fingers crossed!

2 responses to “Nadine Watch, Part 2

  1. Sending all my good wishes Nadine’s way. Let’s hope for a speedy recovery!

  2. I second that!

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