Nadine Watch

sick-kittyNo laughing matter:  Nadine has been feeling less than perky lately, but Sunday night she suddenly went from dull to desperate.  She was clearly having trouble breathing.  I took her to the vet the next day, and she was a mess: gasping, stressed out, and looking simply wretched.  After an xray and a few samples (sent to the lab in Herzliya), it turns out that she has a bacterial infection (yeah! treatable with antibiotics!) in her lungs.  Her lungs are so filled with fluid, she can barely breath if she tries to do any activity.

I’m happy to report that she ate a bit of tuna today, made pishies (a good sign that she is not dehydrated), and seems to be less stressed.  She is still hanging out in bed all day, looks thin and pathetic, but I’m feeling significantly less scared than I was two days ago.  Let’s hope that these antibiotics do the trick.

Meanwhile, Terri is home from an extended stay at doggy daycare (to give Nadine a break).  When I pick her up, she is a happy, healthy dog, but quite dirty from two days of non-stop playing with her friend Pinchie.  I spend some quality time walking and then brushing her.  She is now shluffing peacefully on the sofa.

OK, this you can laugh at: English bloopers on the bagrut (Israeli version of SAT) for high school students.  Hat tip to Northern LS.

And yes, you can laugh at me:  In a sleep-deprived stupor, I download something dicey and it hoses my OS.  Thank goodness for partitioned hard disks and sticking data somewhere other than C:\…  Gotta love the techies who can bring it back from the dead.  Now I’ll waste half a day reinstalling software, but no biggie. No data lost.  Was running like a bloated warthog, anyway.


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