Wet Doggies

Oooh, that rain!  Great storm finally hit yesterday.  Thunder, lightening, and steady rain from the afternoon through to the early morning.  Terri creeps up closer and closer until she is sharing my pillow.  This morning’s walk nets us muddy feet and that unmistakable aroma of damp dog.  To compensate for the cold morning, I nuke Nadine’s tuna in the microwave.  She almost faints from pure pleasure as she wolfs down warm, sloppy tuna.  Terri makes the mistake of investigating, and I hear a startled yelp.  Nadine has defended her tuna, and Terri is left cowering under the table.

Five more years: Adi Aldar easily holds onto his emperia in Karmiel with over 57% of the vote.

Why waste time and money at the movie theater?  You can watch all the blockbusters reenacted in 30 seconds by bunnies. Personal faves: Titanic and the James Bond medley.  Big howdy-do hat tip to SG.

Gotta love that transliteration: ‘Nuff said.



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