Global Hatikva

One for the record books: When Israel turned 60 this May, one woman managed to organize an event where Jews all over the world sang Hatikva in unison.  Together.  At the same moment.  In the same key.  (It boggles the imagination: at my beit knesset, we are all in the same small room and we can’t even manage that!)  How did I miss such an event?  Nice clip, if you can ignore the utter linguistic nonsense of “THE Hatikva” (sic).  Like Israelis talking about agam lake superior  (full beat for anguished wails of the literate everywhere).  If you are wondering, tikva means hope in Hebrew.  The definitive article is assigned by placing ha in front of a word.  Ergo, people are mistakenly saying “the the hope”…  Anyhow, I’m probably one of the least sentimental and shmaltzy people you’ll ever meet, yet even I occasionally find myself getting choked up while singing my national anthem.  No rockets or “bombs bursting in air,” but simple words of hope and a longing for a land of our own.  Apparently, this event got us feisty little Jews into the Guinness Book of World Records.  (And for singing, davka!?) Hat tip to my mom.


One response to “Global Hatikva

  1. Actually, you would have heard about this if you had attended the Yom Hatzmahout show at the amphitheater this year. They actually stopped the show, told us what we were about to do, and then Karmiel joined in and sang at the exact same moment as most of the rest of the country, and many cities in the world.

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