Stroll, Walk, Hike, Trek

Strolling with Miss Terri:  I log in three walks a day with Terri.  Some are long, some very short.  This morning’s walk is only half an hour long, but satisfying.  Terri gets to:

  • chase a cat
  • get chased by a cat
  • sniff things
  • eat grass till she gags
  • pish and poop
  • get patted by one of the morning regulars
  • lick a baby
  • bark at some city workers
  • stare down a shefan selah
  • run like a lunatic

Most of our walks just feel like easy strolls, but some of our longer walks cross over into the “hike” category.  Interesting how you can do urban hikes.  My mom has been partipating in (and even leading) urban hikes for the Mountaineers in Seattle, which is pretty cool.  They really rack up the miles.

Walking paw-in-paw: Maybe Nadine is reacting to Obama’s victory, but she seems slightly more tolerant of Terri these days.  Less hissing and whacking.  I even saw her sniff Terri yesterday.  And both were sharing the bed for an afternoon shluff on Shabbat.  (Nadine was under the covers and Terri was on my pillow.)  Terri is being very cautious around Nadine, but takes her pent-up frustrations out on my poor IKEA coffee table.  Meanwhile, Nadine has decided that the table makes an excellent perch, especially when piled up with my work detritus.


Treking to elections: Karmiel has elections on Tuesday.  Will be very interesting to see if Greenberg (currently Deputy Mayor) can win out over Adi Aldar after all these years.  She’s got the Russian vote—in fact, much of her campaign material is only in Russian, which makes some of us a little nervous.  In typical fashion, Aldar has the city workers out cutting grass and cleaning up everywhere (though, to give him some credit, this does go on all year round).  Still, it seems like a last-minute attempt to make everything look nice to convince people that Karmiel is already in the right hands.  Unlike national elections, local elections tend to have a very low voter turnout, so with only about 25,000 eligible voters in the city, the vote could be decided by a few hundred people one way or the other.

View of the day: Morning mist over the wadi…


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