Beauty Treatment

Terri gets a new ‘do:  We have a lovely grooming session this morning on the mirpeset.  Terri gets brushed, combed, clipped (just the long bits around her eyes and jowels, and a few errant snarls and burrs), wiped down, and then gets her monthly flea treatment.  She is now sulking on the sofa.

Terri’s got a new doggy daycare place and she seems to like it.  There are two other dogs there and a few cats; mostly, she plays all day with Pinchie, a small min-pin mixed breed.  Pinchie is way smaller than Terri, but quite lively, and the two of them chase each other around, wrestle, dash in and out (there is nice fenced yard), and generally act the way young, healthy dogs should.  Two advantages already: first, Terri is now quite happy to jump into the car because she is happy to go to day care (she still gets nauseated and drools terribly on the way, though).  Second, she comes home so exhausted that she sleeps for hours. 

Sun’s out: The storms are over for the time being and the weather is sunny and mild again.  The lavender and maravah smell twice as strong after the rains, and everything looks brighter and sharper with the summer dust washed off.  The walks with Terri are that much more pleasant in the mild weather (the summer heat is over and it is not yet too cold).  Speaking of walks, here are a few words of wisdom about walking and exercise. Enjoy!

No Halloween here: Purim is our time to dress up, so we missed out on all the doggy Halloween costumes.


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