Oi, such a rain: We’ve had a few little cloud-bursts since the start of September, but nothing that lasted long.  For the most part, the weather has been the usual late summer temps.  But yesterday, the sky looked dreary and oppressive, and at night all hell broke loose.  We had torrential, unrelenting rain all night, lightening, and thunder that at times was so close, it rattled the windows.   No hot water.  This is the first time I’ve had to turn on the water heater!  (Solar, dontcha know…)

So this morning I don rain gear and take a confused Terri outside.  She loooooovvvvveeees her walks, but she is not so sure about this wet stuff.  Internal conflict!  The funniest thing is watching her try to oblige when I ask her to sit—she squats with her tushie hovering a few centimeters from the wet pavement. 

The house now smells vaguely of damp dog.

Elections—again:  Oh, crap.  Well, not such a surprised, but Livni doesn’t manage to pull together a government, so everything goes back to the drawing board with early elections.  However, note that when we talk about new elections, we have a three month campaign, not a friggin’ two year marathon, like in the States. 

Winter fare: Oatmeal with egg, salt, garlic, helba, Tobasco, and ground flax seed, cooked into a lovely, golden, fagrant mess.  Mmmmm.  Healthy and satisfying, but I am aware that the mere thought of it makes most people gag.  B’ta’am v’re’ach…  So what’s your favorite breakfast on a stormy winter morning?


3 responses to “Noah?

  1. I want to try that oatmeal!

    I don’t really have a favorite “winter” breakfast. My favorite breakfasts (and I have a couple) are good all year round:
    – Eggs Benedict
    – Just plain two eggs over easy with sausage and hash browns
    – Oatmeal made by my dad
    – Cream of wheat made by my dad
    – Pansans, the way I had them at my brother Paul’s house, this last trip

  2. That oatmeal sounds great (except for maybe the tobasco, which might be a little much first thing in the am). My favorite winter breakfast is old-fashioned corned beef hash with poached eggs and a toasted english muffin.


    Can’t find corned beef or english muffins here.

  3. On the other hand, the UK election campaign is three weeks. Would that we could have that here.

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