Nocturnal Rumblings

It’s been a tough week: I spend much of the week frantically trying to pull together the materials for a new seminar that starts this week.  Friday was the first day with my new batch of students in the big Tel Aviv course, so of course I didn’t sleep much the night before.  I had dropped Terri off at her doggy daycare the night before simply to allow me the luxury of sleeping in until 4:30 (and yes, that is AM). So by Friday evening, I was beat.  I ended up going to bed around 21:15 and slept like a rock until Terri woke me up after midnight.  She was being amazingly obnoxious, and I was certainly annoyed for a few moments until I noticed the strange sounds, something like water gurgling through pipes.  It took me a few minutes to realize that the sounds were coming from Terri’s stomach.  Clearly, the girl was about to explode.

I hurriedly threw on some clothes over my pyjamas and took the poor dear out.  For two hours we wandered the dark streets.  Terri ate grass, squatted repeatedly (to no avail), and whimpered.  At one point, a pack of jackals cut through the edge of the neighborhood, and Terri went nuts.  Finally, at 2:30, we returned home.  Terri spent the rest of the night exiled on the balcony (I was worried that she would, in fact, eventually explode).  So that was two nights with very little sleep.

Terri spent most of Shabbat lying around and looking sad.  She didn’t eat much.  But by this morning, all was well.  She is back to “regular” habits and seems perky and happy.  Who knows what it was that clogged her up!

Time for sleep…


One response to “Nocturnal Rumblings

  1. Lemme see, could it have been the cat poo? Cat vomit? Toilet paper? Hat? Socks? Excessive doggie treats (that she doesn’t deserve, the naughty girl!) or gooey bones (those things’ll clog up anybody)? Hmmmmmm…. It’s not Pesach, so it can’t be the matzoh.

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