Hot Stuff

Cooking adventures: I whip up a big pot of lentils flavored with curry and a hot chili pepper I found languishing in the bottom of the fridge produce bin.  At some point, I must have touched my face while there was still chili oil on my hands.  Oh, my!  Some got under a fingernail, and that was excrutiating.  The irony was that this was one of those wimpy little green chilis used here in z’hug (probably similar to a jalapeno), so relatively mild on the Scoville scale.  The finished dish was not too spicy, but had just the right amount of kick, so the moral is to handle with care even when you think that the fesh chilis are wimpy.

I finally got brave enough to try baking bread in my countertop microwave/grill/convection oven.  For many of us who have tiny apartments and small kitchens, we don’t have the space required for a full oven.  In my kitchen, that space is used for much-needed deep drawers (large pots and pans, small appliances, etc.).  Having one unit that does everything is a great solution, particularly if you don’t normally use an oven much.  The acid test was baking bread, and I’m happy to say that it came out just fine. 

Maravah to the rescue: Terri starts smelling a bit too much like a dog, so I stop on our walk this morning and pick a few leaves of maravah (a local sage) and rub it all over her.  The oils definitely make her smell better, and I am hoping that they will also act as a natural flea deterent, because despite her monthly treatments of Sentry Pro drops, she still has fleas.  Let’s face it: I have a hairy mutt.  She picks up a lot of stuff as she romps through the bushes and dry brush.

No quiet yet: Police gear up for a potentially volatile erev Simchat Torah in Akko tonight. Demonstrators try to block the crossing into Gaza to demand the release of Gilad Shalit (Hamas basically thumbs their collective noses and says forget it).  Police seek info related to the hit-and-run that left two pedestrians dead last night. Meanwhile, the clock is still ticking for Livni. Doesn’t look like it is going to be a quiet week…


One response to “Hot Stuff

  1. A dog? I always thought you were a cat person.

    (How’s things, BTW? Haven’t see you for years.)

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