My own personal critter spotter:Walking Terri is a great way to spot wildlife that you might otherwise miss.  When she freezes and stares fixedly, I know that there is something out there—a lizard, a tortoise, a hyrax, a bird… Last night Terri spots a hedgehog foraging on a grassy area and sniffs it enthusiastically. 

Terri also has a new friend.  He’s a little “pinchy” (min-pin), an “intact” male sporting a very sissy pink colar.  I let Terri off the leash and she and her new boyfriend went nuts chasing each other around on a bit of lawn.  Now, every time I take her out, she looks eagerly for her friend.  She also made friends this morning with a gigantic black Lab.  She was already a bit tired from climbing up the rock cliff to “visit” the hyrax (no worries: they sneer at her and zip down into their burrows when she gets too close).  By the time we got home, she shlurped down some water and collapsed.


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