A Day in the Life

…of a naughty dog: Terri enjoys a large breakfast, including polishing off the tuna that Nadine didn’t finish, eating a post-walk treat, a bowl of dog kibble, some egg yolk, and a piece of tomato.  She then raids the litter box and helps herself to a piece of cat poop for dessert.  Yech.  A few hours later, I bundle her into the car and we head out to a client site for the second day of in-house training.  Less than one minute from our destination, Terri horks up all over the back seat.  I clean it up, clean her up, and manage to get through the day’s training.

That evening, with my voice already failing, I prep for a webinar (a seminar conducted online, with participants logged in from all over the world).  I kick Terri and Nadine out of my office and settle down for the session.  Everything goes reasonably well, but in the final ten minutes of the Q&A session, Nadine starts scratching maniacally at the door.  I finally let her in, figuring that will make less background noise than her scratching and crying.  She trots in (closely followed by Terri), and then starts making those dreadful  “I’m-about-to-hork-up” sounds.  I’m in the middle of answering a question, so I can only stare in horror as she noisily empties the contents of her stomach all over my office, and Terri quickly laps it up.  Eeeuuuuuwwwww! 

I’m offering the pair (one used cat and slightly used dog) on eBay…


One response to “A Day in the Life

  1. You know, if you added a little lemon to both of their diets, it might sweeten Terri’s breath, regardless of what end she’s getting her “cat food” from.

    I mean, if a person’s gonna have lemons for pets, they should at be able to enjoy that nice, fresh scent…

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