Obediently Yours

Vadim to the rescue: It’s been a long spell since my return.  I almost immediately pulled a muscle and then got some crud that was going around—can’t complain as it didn’t happen while I was traveling, but it has made me feel crappy and has kept me from accomplishing much of anything, other than regular walks with the Naughty Dog.  But I finally linked up with the dog trainer, Vadim, and we began private lessons.  And not a second too soon.  The other day she nipped a jogger, bowled over Charlie (a friendly little min-pin), rolled in manure, and forced me to carry her part way home.  Don’t ask. 

If you’ve ever watched Caesar (aka the Dog Whisperer), Barking Mad, or any other dog behavior show, you already know that when a dog has problems, in most cases it it the fault of the human.  Ergo the lessons are more for me to learn what to do with Terri than anything else.

In two weeks, Terri and I have mastered a few new skills, but it is slow going.  Vadim says that Terri is sweet and bright, which is nice to hear.  Today he had a chance to see her in action.  After behaving like a perfect little angel for most of the walk, she finally did several naughty things:

  • chased a cat
  • refused to come when called
  • did her “I-won’t-budge-from-this-spot” routine
  • got very aggressive with another dog

Vadim was delighted.  It gave him a chance to see what he is really up against.  Still, she is making some progress.  She now will sit (with some reminders) when get to a street, she sits and waits when I ask her to (even if I am standing there chatting with someone for a few minutes), and she is now starting to learn to heel.  But just so I don’t get too excited about her progress, here’s the DestructoMeter update:

  • eaten: one half-full box of cranberry-flavored Ricolas
  • chewed: two more rolls of TP
  • midnight shlurping sessions: several

I’m sad to say that the Ricolas did nothing to help her breath. 

Tzom kal, g’mar hatimah tovah, and all that stuff: See y’all on the other side after the haggim.


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