Jet Lag Jitters

I’m back: Sorry about the long silence.  I wasn’t exactly off the grid, but too darn busy to update y’all on my trip.  Here’s the ten shekel tour:

  • Great visit with family.  Crammed an amazing amount into a very short time.  Seattle weather remained beautiful the whole time. 
  • Got to see three classmates from high school.  All three women were instantly recognizable, and are leading interesting, busy lives.  And, of course, all looked fabulous!  We had a great evening a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant.
  • Discovered the joys of PetCo and spent way  too much money there on the mutt.
  • No snags in security, luggage, tickets, special meals, or anything!  Astonishing!  Six flights and nothing went missing, nothing got screwed up…  Of course, I sat next to some seriously hygiene-challenged French folk on, davka, the long legs.  They have us beat at wine and cheese, but we sure as hell can teach them a thing or two about deodorant.  Maybe it is time for the airlines to start screening for aroma…
  • Meetings were good.  Good chance to get to know some of the new board members.  Hard work and serious concentration was broken up with fun dinners together.  The hotel seemed to have a surplus of asparagus, because we were served it at every meal except breakfast.  No complaints here!

So now I am back home and all is well.  Terri, being a dog, doesn’t know how to hold a grudge.  She flung herself into my arms.  I can tell that Cathy spoiled her, as she filled out a bit on all those tasty treats!  She looks happy and prosperous.  The same cannot be said for Nadine, who is sporting even more bald patches.  But she spent a scant hour under the bed when I brought her home, and then decided that she was too pissed off to sulk.  She emerged, demanded tuna, hissed at Terri, and complained at great length about having to share living space with a stupid hairy dog.

Terri and I were happy to see Spike (that’s what I’ve dubbed the retarded shefan selah that lives by itself a little ways away from the main colony).  Spike was out there on his rock this morning, ridiculously close to the walking path.  He tried his ninja invisibility trick, but Terri scrambled up the rocks and Spike had to make an ignominious exit into his den.  I find it strangely comforting to know that other species have their bell curve problems!

After two days, I’m still pretty spacy and tired.  I find myself falling asleep at odd times and in odd places.


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