Off on My Travels

Another trip: I’m off to the States for meetings and a chance to see family.  It is a rocky start as:

  • Terri tries to “help” me pack, carrying things out of the suitcase, eating one present (luckily nothing expensive), and generally getting underfoot.  I bundle her off to “Aunt Cathy” early.  Hard to believe it, but I already miss the little fur-face.
  • My cellphone recharger doesn’t work.  I just replaced it!  Now I realize that it was the phone port, not the charger, that is bad.  Will keep it turned off most of the time.
  • I order a cab to the train station.  On the phone, they quote me NIS 80, but the driver thinks it is NIS 100.  But that is not the real problem: we get to Akko and discover that there are no trains!  They are working on the tracks.  I call the train information number, and they say there are trains out of Kiryat Motzkin, but this guy wants more money to get there, and I don’t have enough cash.  I call Gill, and we swing by his factory and he runs out and stuffs some money in my hands!
  • I make the train in Motzkin and have an uneventful ride to the airport (catching up on reading all the reports for one of the meetings).  Security and checkin are a breeze. 

Well, I’m gonna miss the Girls.  Nadine is with her abba and probably enjoying a dog-free existence for a while.  Terri will be fine (probably not even miss me, since her beloved “aunt” gives her roast beef and other treats!).

Onward.  I fear that I will miss the mayorial elections in Karmiel!  Oh, well.


4 responses to “Off on My Travels

  1. You aren’t going to miss the Karmi’el mayoral elections…at least not because of this trip. The Karmi’el Mayoral election is 11-11-2008. Have a wonderful trip.

  2. You mean the result of the election isn’t a foregone conclusion this time. Adi Eldar hasn’t had a serious contender against him since Amos Uzani ran against him in 1989! He usually gets about 80% of the vote.
    By the way, to avoid a conflict of interest, I should state that I voted for Uzani!

  3. Hey, are you coming to Bellingham again?

  4. Nope. I’m in Seattle and my sister came down to see me here.

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