Terri’s Friends

The most popular girl: Terri continues to make friends left and right.  On Monday, she came with me to a short training session at a dog-friendly client site.  She went around and greeted everyone, and then settled down to shluff while we talked about style guides.  On the way out, she met a few of the dogs, though they were a big suspicious of this curly, rambunctious interloper.

On our walks, she continues to meet new doggies.  Don (short for Donatello) is a three-month-old chocolate Lab, quite shy and a bit confused about Terri’s attempts to play.  It is interesting to see that Terri eventually figured out that she needs to play more gently with Don than she does with, say, Donny (a gigantic Rotty mix) or Lady (a large, shaggy German Shepherd).  She gets very silly, indeed, with Joey, a tiny min-pin mix, and she is fearless with Prince, a massive German Shepherd who lives in my old neighborhood. 

But we can’t all be friends: there is the Golden Retriever on the floor below who wants to eat her, and there is a small, fiesty Chihuahua mix on our floor who is Terri’s sworn enemy.  I’m not sure the source of their mutual hatred, but Terri will stand and peer through the balcony railings, woofing frantically, as her nemesis saunters below on a walk.  There is also a very snooty Cocker Spaniel that growls at Terri when we pass on walks, and a duo of small, aggressive dogs that strain at their leashes to get at her.  (I’ve actually had to pick her up and carry her past dogs at times.)  Part of the problem is that Terri first assumes that every dog wants to play with her, so she dashes up happily and is stunned when the dog snarls.  There were two Doberman Pinschers who desperately wanted to get at her, and not in a good way. 

So I need to be vigilant when I walk her.  However, when she does link up with a friend, it is a joy to see her play.  She is lightening fast and can turn on a dime, and she always out-maneuvers the larger dogs.

Wonder if there will be a bidding war: Never a dull moment on eBayHat tip to Northern LS.


2 responses to “Terri’s Friends

  1. Considering that at the starting price of the rack was $10.00 and it’s now up to $.200.00 (with four and a half days left), I’d say there’s a bit of a bidding war going on!

  2. Considering that the rack started out at $10.00 and has now reached $200.00 (with four and a half days left to go), I’d say there’s a bit of a bidding war going on!

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