Behavior Modification

A social experiment: It is too damn hot, so I venture out in a short summer dress and sandals (heels).  Suddenly, all the guys are being polite, helpful, and providing nice service.  Sheesh!  It isn’t as though I’m a cute little 20-something-year-old!  What a stupid way to trigger behavior modification in the male population. 

Mostly, I’m happy to have accomplished so many annoying errands:

  • post office
  • auto test (boy, is my car clean!  I mean really clean!  The emissions for CO2 were almost zero!)
  • accountant
  • misrad hapanim (department of the interior, if you will)
  • bank
  • spice market
  • gas station
  • something needed for my trip

While standing in line in various places, I managed to make three calls and get a few more things sorted out.

Considering that there are days when you can’t get anything on your list accomplished, this was great!

2 responses to “Behavior Modification

  1. Carine Illouz

    Hi Leah, this cannot truly be considered as a comment… but I would like to get in touch with you.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Carine, what’s your contact info and we can talk off-line?

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