Office Doggies

Woof!  I drop Terri off at doggy daycare and head over to a new client for an afternoon of training.  Imagine my surprise to see an assortment of dogs wandering around the office.  I could have taken Terri with me!  She would have loved the company.  But she wasn’t totally left out, because she got to make a new friend this evening: Prince, a massive (40 kilo) Alsatian who is not yet one year old.  Prince and Terri ran around the park for a while like a couple of goofballs.

Such service!  The dryer guy shows up on Thursday, late.  He doesn’t have the part with him.  “I needed a part?” he asks.  When I suggest that he check the records, he stops and reads the form on his clipboard.  “Oooohhhh.”  He promises that someone will come out Monday morning.  Of course, they never show up.  At 12:30, when I am pulling into my client’s parking lot, I get a call from (a different) dryer guy.  He’s miffed that I’m not there.  “But it is still morning until 13:00!” he complains.  What, we’re on a different time dimension than everyone else, so that 1:00 PM is morning?  Sheesh.

Such service (part 2): I get an odd call at 18:00.  I am desperately trying to do a few things at once, and it is clearly a wrong number, so I’m a bit curt.  The guy calls back and asks who he’s talking to.  “Who are you trying to call?” I counter.  Turns out that he is “delivering something” from Bezeq and wandering around outside, unable to find the address.  After much discussion, it becomes clear that he has some sort of “package” that all new Bezeq customers get.  I’m not a new customer, but I moved, so that must be it.  “Can you come down?” he asks.  I finally get him to leave “the package” at the entrance of the building.  It turns out to be a small potted plant and more Bezeq promotional literature.  Hey, how about this: when you invest millions of shekels in an ad campaign to convince people that you have changed and are offering good service, how about not having rude, unprofessional clods deliver the damn things?

2 responses to “Office Doggies

  1. Boy, am I going to miss this kind of service when I’m in the UK (not!).

  2. On the other hand, today I called our electrician at 9am ’cause the switch to our dood broke. He showed up right on time, fixed the switch, swept the floor, and was gone (with his check) within 30 minutes. Can’t beat that for service! If you ask really nicely, I’ll give you his name and number…….but he probably won’t travel as far as Karmiel 😦

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