Only in Israel

It’s all negotiable: My makif (comprehensive auto insurance) goes up 10%, which makes no sense.  The car is a year older, yes?  “There are more of those cars stolen,” they tell me.  Oh, really?  A little Suzuki Ignis that is so small, you can’t even cram three goats into it?  (Inside joke: it is common practive in the rural areas for thieves steal a car, then use it to rustle goats or sheep, totally trashing the car.)  I make a fuss and they drop the price.  Yes, even car insurance is negotiable.

Muddling along together: On one of my super-early morning outings with Terri, I pass three Arab women going in the opposite direction on the walking path. They are totally shrouded in their costumes, but must have thought that I was the one who looked ridiculous (shorts, tank top, running shoes).  They wouldn’t give me or Terri eye contact, but they are neighbors, either from one of the Bedouin encampments or one of the Arab villages.  Then there goes some family in their hi-tech spandex running gear.  In one walk, I hear Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, English, and French.  Gotta love the mix.

Huckabee sounds rational?  Yup, only in Israel.  On a whirlwind visit to Israel, Huckabee was interviewed about his thoughts on Israel, the Palestinians, and the Middle East.  I was expecting more idiotic sound bites, but he actually sounded like he had done his homework. 

The BezeqInt parrot goes large?  Looks like the obnoxious parrot in our ads, but here he is popping up in an Indian condom campaignHat tip to Northern LS.

Seen on the road:I get passed by a small car crammed with… goats.  At least it isn’t an Ignis…


2 responses to “Only in Israel

  1. But the Bezeq bird isn’t rockin’ that cool turban…

    And, uh, that’s a condom RING TONE they’re offering on that site.

  2. Yes, but once you get past the ringtone music, you’ll see the rest of the site.

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