Nicely Naughty

Miss Dogness goes to work: I take Terri to the office on Wednesday.  Other than drooling excessively in both my car and the boss’s car (after he graciously picked us up from the mechanic’s where my car was in for service), she settled down and was a little angel in the office.  (She’s a nervous passenger; I hope that she grows out of that soon.)  Her coat, still fresh and sweet-smelling from a recent shampoo, won her plenty of compliments, as did her polite behavior and friendly demeanor.  But don’t be fooled.  There is still a naughty puppy lurking under that curly coat:

  • Any rolls of toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, kleenex, or odd papers left lying around get chewed into tiny shreds.
  • Particularly yummy treats are carried out of the food bowl and over to the sofa, where they are enjoyed with the maximum amount of crumbs and mess.  (Thank goodness the darn thing has been scotch-guarded to within an inch of its life.)
  • The stray cats that live near the dumpsters make her lunge frantically.
  • All dogs make her go nuts (she wants to play with them).  She cannot tell the difference between friendly and deadly.  She lunges at them happily, hoping for a game. 
  • Toys are frequently dropped in the water dish.
  • Four AM is apparently a great time to jump on the bed and roll around, kick her legs in the air, and make wuffling sounds.

Of course, after any of these naughty things, she gazes at me with those big brown eyes and manages to look guilty and adorable at the same time.

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