Adjusting to a New Home

I’m in:  After a three-week slog of shiputzim and then the stress of packing, moving, and unpacking, I’m here.  The new place is only two kilometers from my previous place, but the view is much better.

Here’s the view from the main balcony, looking south-west:

Another angle, slightly more to the south:

Here is the view towards the east in the very early morning. The little shacks on the hill are actually part of a small Bedouin encampment. They take their goats past our building every morning.

While I am not totally unpacked (after all, I am still waiting for furniture from IKEA, which they have now promised to deliver FOUR TIMES).  There are still some boxes, there are pictures to hang, and unfinished projects, but I’m managing.  The kitchen came out quite nicely, if I say so myself:

Here’s part of the lovely cabinet trim in more detail:

Of course, there are still ugly bits, such as the kitchen wall, which still needs to be prepped and painted. There is tile cement to chip off, spackling, priming, etc.

So that’s the news for now.  Things are hectic and will remain so until I get completely settled in, caught up on work (which requires getting a working Internet connection!), and done with all the projects.  Some furniture would help, too, I suppose…

One nice thing is that I am right next to the walking path.  Terri and I trot downstairs, through a parking lot, across one street, and we are there.  In three minutes, the girl is off the leash and cavorting gleefully, chasing hyrax, and generally having a lovely doggy time.


5 responses to “Adjusting to a New Home

  1. You forgot to mention that on a clear day you can see Haifa and the Mediterranean…

  2. Best of luck in the new place…….!

  3. …and has Nadine seen the new place, yet? If so, what’s her highness’ opinion?

  4. Mazal tov! I’m delighted that you’re all moved in. The view is gorgeous, as are your shiputzim.

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