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A Sad End

The bitter end of a two-year drama: The bodies of kidnapped Israeli soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser were laid to rest today. As a nation, we have been holding our breath for two years. We still don’t know the fate of a third soldier, Gilad Shalit, kidnapped at the same time. These were the actions that triggered the Second Lebanon War. Our heart goes out to the families of these young men.


Movie of the Week

Better than the big screen:  Terri in her film debut.

BoD Pics

Well, aren’t we a charming group: Part of serving on the board of directors of a large NPO is posing for endless group photos.  Here is the new group.  Once again, it’s me in the Land of the Giants:

And here we are in our banquet finery:

Of course, those formal poses don’t do us justice. The truth is that we look more like this (esp. as this was the outgoing 2007–2008 BoD).  That’s my pal John partially wrapped in my shawl.

I’m a jeans and T-shirt kinda gal—you can count on me to pick comfort over glamour. So it is a big effort for me to get scrubbed up and into a dress. Most of my fellow board members got a big kick out of seeing me attempting to pass as sophisticated, but at least I remembered to remove the price tag from the dress…  (And no, the photographer was not at fault in making me look so exhausted.  That is the actual result of several weeks of excruciating back pain, lack of sleep, traveling, long meetings, etc.)

What you can’t see is a large and hideous white corsage (talk about tacky reminders of high school proms), which is like a prickly manacle on my left wrist.  But you do get a glimpse of the fabulous satin evening bag that I found for $5.00 at that bizarre Jamaican discount store in Philly (the place where the Jamaican sales clerk was speaking Hebrew on the phone).

Terri update: Girly-dog is doing just fine.  She seems to enjoy green grapes (she plays soccer with one for a few minutes before eating it).  Two long walks today, a good appetite, and lots of cuddling.  It almost makes up for the stressful insanity of dealing with our mortgage bank.  Don’t ask…

Why you “shouldn’t” use quotation marks:  I always warn my students that putting “things” in quotes is a sure way to make people think that you’re doing a nudge-nudge-wink-wink with the quoted term.  This sign really proves the point.  Hat tip to former student (and now colleague) IT.

Post-op Recovery

Aren’t we sad!  Terri takes a full day to get over the effects of the anesthesia.  This morning (after a night spent on my bed!) finds her a bit perkier, but still not willing to move much. 

Brilliant ads: Some facts you may not know about IsraelHat tip to Northern LS.

Sad Puppy

Wobbling around: Terri is home from the vet.  She looks fine but is still wobbly and sleepy.  She lies in her brand new dog bed for about 20 minutes and then wobbles out, crossing the living room floor in a curious zigzag pattern like a drunken sailor.  She wants the Forbidden Sofa.  I’m a pushover, so I pull off the throw pillows and put a blanket down for her. 

I want one of these: The ultimate defluffer—the FURminator.  Be sure to watch the demo videos.  Hat tip to Central LS.


Gadzooks!  On Friday, Gill and I venture out to the brand new multiplex theater at Lev haMifratz.  The new section of the mall (now dubbed the CineMall) had only opened the day before.  With 18 theaters, luxurious sofa seating in the lobby area, and bathrooms galore, it is definitely the most over-the-top cinema complex I have ever seen.  We indulge in the latest Indiana Jones pic, and find it quite enjoyable.  Then it is on to Tatami, a sushi restaurant in the Kriyot.  Don’t miss their bittersweet chocolate truffle in espresso sauce! 

Terri goes under the knife: As I write this, Terri is in surgery.  I am a big believer in having pets spayed or neutered.  This is part of responsible pet ownership, and anyone who thinks that a pet is “missing out” on something by not being a puppy factory is nuts.  Wish us luck…

More Terri Pics

Check it out:  Such a little ham.  Here she is with a half-eaten rawhide chew toy.  (She’s almost finished two of them in one week; I hope it doesn’t lead to the shilshul that some of you have warned me about.)
Chew toys are fun.

I can’t stop playing with her ears…
Bat wing ears!

She’s getting to know Gill…

…and she is even getting to know Nadine (though Nadine is not thrilled about it).
Getting to know you

Of course, having a brindle-patterned dog on Israeli marble floors can be a problem. She almost disappears.