Still Alive…

The shiputzim never end:  I’ve been off the air for a while because of the unrelenting schedule of tryiing to get this stuff done.  Plus I seemed to come down with something and lost a day or so.  Anyhow, today is shaping up to be one of those killer days: kitchen cabinets will be installed, I’ll be painting, my office cabinets will be moved, and there are supposed to be a few deliveries.  Meanwhile, here’s what’s happened since last week:

  • Finished stripping off all the wallpaper in the living room and prepping the walls (lots of spackle) with the very generous help from a friend’s husband.
  • Prepped the office and the bathroom for painting, including getting all the gunge off from the crappy job the plumbing contractors did.
  • Blew a gasket at the morons at Home Center, who had never placed the order for my bathroom sink and cabinet unit.  Now, two weeks later, the order is placed, so I may be moving into an apartment without a bathroom sink for a while.  Grrrr!
  • Survived a horrific visit to IKEA, with help from a friend.  It wasn’t just the long journey there and back (IKEA is near Netanya, which is about an hour and 45 minutes from Karmiel), but there was a sale going on, so the place was jam packed to the point where you could barely move.  Even worse, they had sold out of at least half the things on my list, so it was a very frustrating experience.
  • Discovered another plumbing problem—this one on the utility mirpeset.
  • Have been completely unsuccessful at getting the movers to return my calls…

Wish me luck.  If all goes well, a huge chunk of the work will be behind us by this time tomorrow…


One response to “Still Alive…

  1. I wish you luck. Sincerely and deeply.

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