The Shiputzim Saga, part 3

Slow progress: Nothing like discovering unforeseen problems.  Outlets needed to be moved.  The sink drain was in the wrong place.  I spend most of the day coping with Sami’s workers from Sachnin (one of the big villages in the area).  I’ve discovered that “15 minutes” means something entirely different in Arab culture than in Anglo culture.  It is a day of three steps forward, two steps back.  I spend part of it chiseling away at concrete.  At least it seems to be as effective as a gym workout! 

One of the reasons that it was such a tough day was that I got home from Tel Aviv at 23:30 last night and slept for four hours.  Yikes.  I have another two weeks of this before my life will have any semblance of normalcy. 

Meanwhile, Terri is being incredibly naughty, though she is as sweet as sugar with my neighbor’s elderly mom (who doesn’t speak a word of Hebrew or English).  She croons at Terri in Ukrainian, and Terri leans against her and looks adorable.  Hard to believe that this is the same dog who started barking and snarling at a helpless puppy on this evening’s walk.  Gotta sign up for those obedience classes!

Doggy of the day: Check out Jerry amusing himself.  (Clearly, Jerry’s human is an engineering geek.)  Hat tip to Gilah.


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