The Shiputzim Saga, part 2

Wallpaper is evil:  After spending now countless hours peeling wallpaper, and not being anywhere near finished, I have come the conclusion that wallpaper is evil and anyone who uses it here, in this climate and on these building materials, is seriously stupid.  I pulled a piece off today, revealing a comfy little nest of bugs.  Sorry, guys, but you need to relocated.  More spackling and painting.  The counters get installed today. 
new kitchen counters

Here’s the sink view:

Check out the gorgeous embedded stone trim.  It may look odd now, but it will really pop with the green bits of the cabinets. 

Of course, we discovered along the way that there are more unforeseen snags.  Some outlets need to be moved, more plumbing work done… but in the end, I know that it will be lovely.

In addition to peeling wallpaper, it was a painting day. Mmmm… the smell of fresh paint. I don’t know if I am feeling that or the beer more!

I am actually so tired that when I took a lunch break today, I feel asleep in the cafe!


One response to “The Shiputzim Saga, part 2

  1. Love those counters!

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