Gadzooks!  On Friday, Gill and I venture out to the brand new multiplex theater at Lev haMifratz.  The new section of the mall (now dubbed the CineMall) had only opened the day before.  With 18 theaters, luxurious sofa seating in the lobby area, and bathrooms galore, it is definitely the most over-the-top cinema complex I have ever seen.  We indulge in the latest Indiana Jones pic, and find it quite enjoyable.  Then it is on to Tatami, a sushi restaurant in the Kriyot.  Don’t miss their bittersweet chocolate truffle in espresso sauce! 

Terri goes under the knife: As I write this, Terri is in surgery.  I am a big believer in having pets spayed or neutered.  This is part of responsible pet ownership, and anyone who thinks that a pet is “missing out” on something by not being a puppy factory is nuts.  Wish us luck…


One response to “CineMall

  1. Lots of luck for Terri and hope she has a speedy recovery. I’m so happy that you found her again. She is one very lucky dog!

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