A Moral Question

Whose doggy?  My sister raised an interesting question: had I made any effort to find the original owners of Terri (if she had any)? 

I feel that as the dog was not chipped or spayed, and as she had clearly been on the street long enough to become malnourished and flea-infested, that she didn’t have a home.  Or, if she did, she still deserves better than a life of neglect and abuse.  I hadn’t seen any obvious signs or notices of anyone looking for their beloved little terrier.  I believe that I have rescued a dog that would otherwise have had a miserable and short life.  In five days, she is already looking much better.  (Amazing what a bath, shots, a flea treatment, a good diet, regular exercise, and a big dollop of love and attention will do!)  Am I wrong to assume ownership of this dog?  What do you think?

Of course, today Terri is pushing the limit of her cuteness by jumping on the Forbidden Sofa and methodically shredding Nadine’s sheepskin rug. Oi!
Such a punim!


3 responses to “A Moral Question

  1. She’s a street dog, a throw away, and you are okay in keeping her. That’s how I got the two dogs I have now (although someone else found the second one). I also adopted out another street dog I found several years ago.
    If someone lost that little doggy they would have contacted the city about it, the local vets, the pet shops, and put up notices.
    Keep giving her the rawhide chew toys, that will (hopefully) keep her from chewing on things she shouldn’t. Old tennis balls are good for play with too.

  2. She’s adorable.

    FYI, although our dog LOVES rawhide, we found that too much rawhide = diarrhea. ugh.

    You might try Nylabones if you can get them. But avoid the strawberry flavor, as they will get on your carpet (stain-free, my a**).

  3. Nancy Yaqub

    By all means, keep that little doggie and give her all the care, food, and love that she has been so sadly lacking. Except for two, all of the cats we have ever shared our home with have been neglected strays. We never saw any notices about a lost cat, so they became members of our family.

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