Dog Days

Not just blowing smoke:  Man sentenced for blowing pot smoke at a Pommy.  He was probably just trying to get it to stop yapping.

The Terri Saga:  Terri is already looking healthier and happier.  She sat with us while we ate last night and enjoyed some omelet in her dish.  I can tell already that it is to going to be lifelong effort to keep the whiskers around her face clean.  That sweet little terrier face is like a bottle brush—it picks up all sorts of dirt as she wuffles along.  I also learned that a rawhide chew toy can be eaten in a few days. Oi! 


One response to “Dog Days

  1. I knew a cat once that liked pot smoke. Seriously, the cat loved to have the smoke blown into its face and would actually go over to anyone who was smoking, and wait patiently to get its “hit.”

    It also liked cigarettes, and would chew any pack that was left lying around.

    One of my cats, Patches, also likes cigarettes AND beer.

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